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Have you ever sat up suddenly in the middle of the night and thought, “What the heck happened—what was that about?!” Have you had dreams or nightmares that have scared you? (Or intrigued you?) Have you ever wondered if a message, or a gift, was contained in those experiences and images? And if you don’t remember your dreams, and you want to, do you ever wonder how to tap into them?

We all dream every night—and your dreams are love letters from your psyche asking for your attention! And yes, even nightmares are filled with gold for you and are a great gift!

Dreams provide insight into the underlying forces that play out in your life—your hopes, dreams, and challenges. They show the way to reconnect with your true self, your heart, and your soul purpose. Dreams bring both practical and spiritual awareness to support your life’s journey.

Take a trip to the subconscious (and possibly other realms) to discover the deeper meanings contained in your night dreams, and “waking” dreams, and gain an understanding of the role they play in your personal growth and transformation. Our sessions will provide you with skills to understand the messages of your dreams, see the Light they are shining on your life, and recognize the action they are calling on you to take!

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Soulful Wayfinding

“WHO ARE YOU? Who, who, who, who?” — The Who

How would it feel to go on your own Hero’s Journey—a quest to be True to You? Find the courage to follow your own true Light—the ideas, beliefs, feelings, and ultimately the actions that resonate with your heart and soul and give your life meaning.

Together we will reveal the messages that your body, heart, and soul always express. With support and guidance, you will discover what truly resonates with you, and recognize the power of being your own Light!

In these sessions, you will explore your current “Self” viewpoints and discover what is true for you. We will work together to move through the fears and blocks. You will become alert to the “signs” you receive—physical, emotional, and spiritual—and gain clarity and confidence to shine your Light! These sessions are also helpful to navigate your way through challenging situations to determine the course of action that feels true to your heart.

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” — Rumi

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Tarot / Oracle Wisdom

Tarot/oracle card readings are a wonderful tool for divining practical and spiritual insight and gaining information about the energies affecting you at this time. Tarot does not foretell the future (which is always fluid) but it is valuable as a tool to connect with your own inner wisdom.

Readings are done “coaching style,” in that we work together to discuss each of the cards to determine the energies around your question, the spiritual, mental and emotional energy you are experiencing, and finally the insights and actions that will bring your Light to the situation.

Please note: I do not read the future nor perform readings about specific financial, health, or third-party issues.

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FirstLight Living

Imagine entering a new life cycle where you bask in the Light of discovery and personal self-realization – and this becomes your way of life! It’s Magic and it’s True Love!

FirstLight Living is the embodiment of living in connection with your Light—recognizing and acting upon the messages you get from your true self, your soul, your body, the messages from your dreams, the natural world, and the Universe! It’s the pull of your innate curiosity and desire to tap into your own ineffable joy, love of yourself, and then blazing that Light out to love of others and the world.

For those who want to experience a deeper dive into understanding and moving toward your heart and soul’s longings, to become who you truly are, I offer specially priced packages for 3 months or longer. These sessions are individually tailored to your needs and desires and will include any or all of the offerings above: DreamLight, HeartLight, and Tarot.

The FirstLight Living program can also help when you’re going through difficult times and want long-term support to get through with your Light intact and shining. These sessions will enable you to navigate, gain clarity and insight, and ultimately shine your Light through to the end of the tunnel!

I invite you to explore your FirstLight—you are meant to form the beautiful, illumined patterns of an awakened life that is waiting for you!

Get Lit!!

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All sessions are based on your individual situation and desires and can include elements of life/soul coaching, dreamwork, and Tarot.

I offer a sliding scale to select clients – please contact me for details.

I now offer in-person sessions at Circles of Wisdom, Methuen, MA! Click HERE to check availability.


In honor of all my earthly and heavenly family, friends and guides who have helped me find my own way toward the Light.

And in loving memory of my first guide, Sharon Miles, who went the extra mile for me and many others…

Love and heartfelt gratitude to you all!

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